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Lenny's Story

Lenny's Story It was a September day when "one more litter" arrived at the Shelter. They were typical - five rambunctious 12 week old black or black and white kittens. After a week or so, two were adopted, and in another week or so, one more went home. That left Sandi (black and white) and Lenny(solid black and the runt of the litter). Since they were getting old enough for their opposite sexes to be a problem, Lenny was moved in with Theo, another solid black male, and Sandi got a cage of her own.

Time went by and before we knew it they were 5 months old and ready to be altered. Theo was adopted and we moved Sandi and Lenny to the front catteries. More time went by, cats came and went and still no homes for Sandi and Lenny. When the West Coast Bank offered to have us bring adoptable animals over, Sandi and Lenny were among the first group of cats we took, and the magic worked for Sandi! She was adopted that day!

Poor Lenny went back to the Shelter to wait some more. Two months later we took him to the bank again - no luck again, even though he thoroughly charmed everyone with his sweet disposition and adorable squeak. By now Lenny was almost 7 months old and was setting records for the most roommates ever. He became known as "the diplomat" because he was willing to share quarters with any other cat, even if it was a bit cranky.

Just when we had almost given up, I got a call - "Guess who got adopted today?!" Yes, Lenny finally found his forever home, and Poquito went with him. They'd just met that day, but Lenny said, "Sure, he's fine with me." Ah, diplomacy.

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