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Community / Neighborhood Cat Program

Our partnership with you in this program involves:

1. You getting the animal to/from the vet/clinic and
doing the necessary follow-up care, if any,
recommended by the vet.

2, Return the cat to its colony.

3. Provide fresh food and water daily. We help monthly
with food.

4. If the colony doesn't have shelter from the weather,
talk to us about providing you, free of charge, kitty
yurts so the cats can get out of the cold and rain.

Colonies will no longer multiply if all the cats are altered. "Yeowling", cat fights, and the smell of males marking their territory all are reduced to near zero.

Once stabilized by this "trap, neuter, return" policy, the health of the colony is generally very good.

Community cats often live shorter lives than domestic cats who have homes.

CCHS greatly appreciates your compassion for all the homeless cats in our community!

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