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Sometimes life just happens and we find we must give up our beloved family pet(s). Make plans ahead of time and CCHS will help you find a new, safe, and loving home. We will advertise on our website, face book page, and Petfinder - all free to you. We do not have a shelter so your pet will need to stay with you until a new home is found. Potential adopters will be referred directly to you so you can ensure your pet will go to a good home.

DUSTY and DRAGON - looking for a furever home together
Hi! I'm DRAGON. Call my mom if you can adopt my brother and me. 541.921.1333
I'm DUSTY. My brother and I are looking for a home together. We're real love bugs. Please call my mom at 541.921.1333
DRAGON and DUSTY are 8 years old; both are fixed. They are sweet and love to cuddle each other. They stay mostly inside but need a safe place to go outside on occasion. If you can give them a home together, please call Tracy 541.921.1333
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