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Community Cats

With a lot of help from inmates at the Lincoln County Jail, we have been able to mass produce the kitty yurts designed by board members Don Elmore and David Mitchell. These sturdy plastic "houses" have an entrance shielded from the rain. They make great shelters for cats who have to live outside.

yurt under construction
a finished kitty yurt
More kitty yurts
Jay Jay and Nick from a hoarder who didn't even know the kitten existed under her bed
Little Bit - eyes crusted shut and couldn't see before being rescued
Yachats Colony Kitty
From freezing outdoor kitties to warm barn kitties
Spencer - formerly lived on a trail
Big Boy playing with Lillie the dog. Went from living in an abandoned house to a heated bed!
Ken - from cardboard box to penthouse
Miss Kitty - from owner wanting her euthanized to a loving home
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