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Each fiscal year we compile statistics of how many animals we have helped and in what categories.

Customers Assisted 678
Animals Assisted 1347 (428 dogs; 917 cats; 1 guinea pig; 1 rat)
Community Cats S/N 155
Community Cat Food 2,854 pounds of food for 172 cats in 12 colonies
Family Pets S/N 396 animals helped (121 Dogs; 275 cats)
Rabies Vaccinations 256 animals helped (38 dogs; 218 cats)
Vet Medications 102 animals helped (44 dogs; 58 cats)
Animal Vet Care 438 animals helped (206 dogs; 201 cats)
Euthanasia 43 animals helped over the Rainbow Bridge (19 dogs; 23 cats; 1 rat)

Our lifesaving percentage is over 99%. We helped a total of 1347 animals. Thirty eight went over the rainbow bridge at the owner's request due to their beloved pets being elderly and lacking quality of life. Our local veterinarians and their staff worked valiantly to save five additional animals (3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 rat), however, the animal(s) were too sick or too severly injured to recover.

Dividing the total number helped, into five (animals attempted to be saved) or forty-three (total number of animals euthanized), results in a euthanasia rate of less than one percent.

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