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Board of Directors for CCHS

Don Elmore, President                    

 Don has been active in north county as a trapper and an advocate
 for community cats.  He designed the "kitty yurts" that we give to            colony managers to help them provide dry shelter for their charges. He    feeds daily the colonies he manages and delivers cat kibble monthly to    other colony caretakers in north county. He and his wife, Lana, have        raised a lot of money by collecting and cashing in cans and bottles.        Don is our go-to person when it comes to community cats.

Kathe Stander, Vice President

Kathe has a background in human resources as a consultant, but her passion has always been animals - wild, feral and tame  She served on the board of the Humane Society in central Arizona.  She is our Past President - count them - 5 times! - and loves that CCHS can focus on community-oriented programs as we don't run the local animal shelter.

She fosters felines, both for CCHS and for LCAS, and is on her 50th GROUP of cats/kittens; some are single but most come as a herd! 

Kathe loves driving our van and delivers kibble to various cat colonies and food banks.  She also volunteers with the White Wolf Sanctuary in Tidewater, OR, and Whale Watching Spoken Here out of Depoe Bay.


Lana Elmore, Secretary     

Lana is  willing to work long and hard for the animals.  If you see our dog costume, it can be Lana who is inside - hot weather and all.  Her energy and enthusiasm rival that of her husband.  It's hard to keep up with them!  Lana sends all the thank you cards to those of you who donate  so  generously -   big or small. (I think secretly Lana likes to use her "kitty paw" stamp!)  Is it any wonder she can send up to 20 notes a day?  And, give her a round of applause because she washes all the kitty yurt blankets (frequently) so the kitties who reside outside stay warm and dry. How would you like to do her weekly laundry?


Lee Smith, Treasurer

Lee handles our photos, graphics, and flyers.  She fosters cats and is always the one to step forward and say "I'll do it." She and other board members pick up and return an average of 150 calls a month.  She keeps our animals advertised on Petfinder and currently picks up our mail, and deals with deposits and bills. We love that she has a Masters Degree in math!  Lee has been our president three previous times.  

Barbara Perry, Co-Treasurer

Barbara is retired from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office after 23 years where she was an administrator in the jail. In 2009 the animal shelter (owned and operated by the Sheriff’s Office) was slated for closure. Barbara led two training sessions known as “Dream Big”.  Community members gave their ideas as to how to save the shelter.

Sgt. Perry was appointed to be the Interim Manager of the shelter and moved the shelter from high kill to managed admissions.   She used many of the "Dream Big" ideas.  She has a Masters Degree in Public Administration.                                                                               


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